Pictured from left to right: Ken Wilkerson, Carl Hobson (Board Member), Francis J. Paxton (Co-Chairman), Colum Ratcliffe (Board Member), Frank Bressi Jr (Board Member), Rob Kemp (Board Member), David Majchrzak (Treasurer), Gary Clary (Sgt. of Arms), Brian Sann (Recording Secretary), Dominic Kane (Board Member), Barry Tankersley (Chairman), Don Albright (President), Tom Brooks (Vice-President).

2016 Officers
Don Albright
Vice President
Tom Brooks
David Majchrzak
Recording Secretary
Brian Sann
Financial Secretary
Tom Kelly
Sgt. of Arms
Gary Clary

Board of Directors

Barry Tankersley (Chairman)

Francis J. Paxton (Co-Chairman)

Frank Bressi, Jr.

Carl Hobson

Ben Hodge

Dominic Kane

Rob Kemp

Colum Ratcliffe

Thomas J. Seibert